Do I need a reservation for a pontoon?

We highly recommend that you make a reservation to ensure that your party will have a boat. We only reserve boats for the day rate NOT the hourly rate.

Can I rent a pontoon by the hour?

Yes, however we do not reserve boats by the hour, only for the day rate. Hourly rentals are strictly on a first come first serve basis.

Can I reserve smaller watercrafts?

No, all of our smaller watercrafts are on a first come first serve basis.

What is required for rentals?

Pontoons: Need to be 23 years old with a valid license/passport and credit or debit card for damages.
Fishing Boats: Need to be 18 years old with a valid license/passport.
Sailboats: You must have prior knowledge of sailing (we do NOT teach sailing) you must assume responsibility for sailboat.
All Other Watercrafts: Need a form of collateral (ID, credit or debit card, or passport).

How do I rent a boat?

The boat rental building is located by the beach at the end of the parking lot where you will fill out paperwork and leave a form of collateral (ID, credit or debit card, or passport) that we hold on to while on rental equipment. Once you have completed your paperwork you will go to the back of the building where one of our employees will assist you with your rental. Upon return of your rental, you will go to the front where you pay for your rental and collect your form of collateral.

If I reserved a pontoon, can I pay hourly?

No, all pontoons are reserved strictly at the daily rate. Even if the pontoon is only used for a couple of hours you will still be charged the daily rate as we have held the pontoon for your party in advance.

Can I cancel a pontoon rental?

Yes, you must call 3 days prior to your rental date (i.e. reservation on Friday, you must cancel by Tuesday). You will then receive $25 of your $50 deposit back. If you do not call 3 days prior, you will lose your $50 deposit.
In case of inclement weather the above policy applies. This does not include short term showers, overcast skies or cool temperatures. We have the right to cancel reservation as we see fit due to high winds or dangerous conditions.

Can I enter the water from the pontoon?

Entering the water from the pontoon is at your own risk. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER IF: the boat is not anchored, without your flotation device on, you do not know how to swim, high winds, or while the motor is running.

Can I bring alcohol on the pontoon?

Yes, with the understanding that the driver must be 23 years of age and designated as non-drinking. No kegs or hard alcohol will be permitted. Drinking and driving on a boat is still subject to an OWI or DUI.

Can I tow a tube behind the boat?

No, towing is not permitted behind our watercrafts; the DNR has a 5 mile per hour limit on the lake.

Is there a grill on the boat or may I bring my own?

No grilling is allowed on our boats.

How old do I have to be to rent a boat?

Minimum age for pontoon rentals is 23, fishing boats 18 and all other rentals have no age requirement as long as the renter is physically able to operate the rental equipment and has permission from parent or guardian.